Musicians On Call


Like medicine, music can be  The tears of some babies can't be dried with a song. Some kids have no reaction at all and just stare at us with big transfixed eyes in wonder, as if appalled that we could possibly be playing music when they're sitting there suffering in need of more relief than notes can offer. Or so it seems I might imagine. Maybe they're just bewildered by the sounds of live music which is a new experience for some of them. Whatever lies behind their intrepid eyes has more valor and strength than we could ever muster. 

Mixed with the heavy scenes are moments when the notes ring true: A mute boy reaching out with embracing hands at the end of the song; a crying baby hushed into enchantment; a little girl clapping with her splinted arm; a mother picking up her child to cuddle; a boy falling asleep to a lullaby; a mother's shirt wet from the tears rolling off her face at the sight of her smiling daughter; a bedridden girl busting out hip-hop moves; two boys dancing madly around the room with their stuffed animals; an 8 month old baby humming along (in harmony!) to the music.

Such are the gifts from playing for these small ears with big spirits.