Here is a sampling of recordings from various projects I've worked on: 



The Downtown Shimmy

My band from Philly released our first album in January 2014 in anticipation of our attendance at the International Blues Challenge. Since we've become popular on the national dance scene, laying down grooves from Denver to D.C., Memphis to Nashville, Albany to Cincinnati, Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, our hometown. More on the band can be found here

The West Philly group have channeled the true soul of southern music on the LP, from the fun-loving, brass filled streets of New Orleans to the cathartic blues of Mississippi juke joints. The record was recorded, mixed and mastered over the course of just five days before the band represented Philadelphia at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, and that in-the-moment approach resulted in an authentic and genuine final product.
— Julie Miller, WXPN Radio blog "The Key"

Altered Tunings

Here are some recordings from my acoustic instrumental project with Jason Hahn. More info on us can be found here.  

Although no finishers [of the contest] were designated beyond first, the act that I had first on my scorecard — harmonica-and-guitar duo Jason Hahn and Ansel Barnum of Bethlehem— would have finished second based on how we judges ranked and scored them. The duo, who also did well in last month’s Lehigh Valley Music Awards acoustic awards contest at Listen! Live Music in Zionsville, played dynamic instrumentals that – as a set should — got progressively better. The final – “I Wish I Could Sing Like Everybody Else, But Where’s the Fun in Conformity?” was a rich, textured and layered song with a nice melody.
— John Moser, senior music critic at the Morning Call

Amy Kucharik

I contributed to a handful of tracks on Boston based singer/songwriter Amy Kucharik's latest album "Cunning Folk." 

Though the entirety of the band is rock solid on Amy Kucharik’s new CD, I would be amiss if I didn’t mention Ansel Barnum on harmonica who made me realize how much I missed hearing the instrument. Kudos.
— Nathan Crowder, Tales From the Ragged Edge blog

Dave Fry

Founder of Godfrey Daniels' legendary folk stage, Dave Fry is a maestro of children's music. On his recent kids album I had the honor of contributing to a few of the tracks, featured here, along with some bonus "adult" tracks (not on the album!)

Lehigh Valley folk treasure Dave Fry returns to recording with a collection whose outstanding production takes things beyond the usual guy-with-guitar sound. Skip the unnecessary opener (:29 of kids’ playing), go right to the danceable “Jimalong Joe,” then settle in for a fun ride. Fry’s arrangements make traditional tunes like “All Around the Kitchen” sparkle. But it’s in the performance that Fry sizzles, especially in a slothful “Three Slow Snails” and a jazzy “Giants.”
— Kathy O’Connell, “Kids Corner” WXPN-FM Philadelphia

Erik Balkey

These are remixes of recordings I did with Philadelphia based singer/songwriter Erik Balkey. The versions here of "Ring Them Bells" and "Born In The USA" feature the harp more than the final mix on the CD. "Baseball In My Blood" has a track I laid down which didn't make it on the album. 

While Ring Them Bells has an authentic, spare sound to it, make no mistake: The Copper Ponies have some profoundly talented friends on board with them..... Already, their album was among Top Albums of 2013 on the Folk Radio Airplay Charts...with Ring Them Bells charting #7 among “most played songs” and Last Train at #11.
— Jackie Morris CD review for FolkWorks

Kwesi K

These recordings are from my work with Kwesi Kankam in 2012. From it we produced his debut EP which I co-produced and played on.

Over textured and layered instrumentation, including acoustic guitar, light percussion, piano, and piercing harmonica, on ‘Whiskey Wit’ Kwesi very matter-of-factly sings a somber yet refreshing glimpse into the regret of a self-admitted loud mouth.
— Sean Marshall, writing for independent music blog Speak Into My Good Eye

Eric-Jon Tasker

This song is part of a musical written by Eric-Jon Tasker, a Boston composer/performer, who asked me to lay down a harmonica part.

Binomial Bill

Bill "Binomial" Schachter is the Billy in our "Barnum & Billy" duo which always pulled some musical shenanigans. Here's some home recordings we goofed around on. 


It might be heresy to play refined classical on this impure folk instrument, but I love the music too much to resist. Forgive my musical sins!