The Downtown Shimmy

The Downtown Shimmy grows from the roots of American music and the offshoots that followed. Like their inspiration Ray Charles, the band sews threads of folk, blues, soul, gospel, R&B, funk, and rock into tight driving grooves. They're carved by a powerhouse quintet with Josh Fialkoff on piano/vocals, Frank Velardo on guitar, Alex Maio on drums, Matt Keppler on bass, and Ansel Barnum on harmonica. Each a commanding instrumentalist, together they create arrangements charged in dynamics and melodic excitement. It's an energy that has become renowned on the national dance scene where The Downtown Shimmy is known for igniting the dance floor. They've gotten feet kicking from Denver to D.C., Memphis to Nashville, Albany to Cincinnati, Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, their hometown. Whether for dancers on the floor or wallflowers on the side, the music gets everyone's toes tapping. 



The West Philly group have channeled the true soul of southern music on the LP, from the fun-loving, brass filled streets of New Orleans to the cathartic blues of Mississippi juke joints. The record was recorded, mixed and mastered over the course of just five days before the band represented Philadelphia at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, and that in-the-moment approach resulted in an authentic and genuine final product.
— Julie Miller, WXPN Radio blog "The Key"
The Downtown Shimmy are a delightful, refreshing new band hailing from Philadelphia. This young, talented ensemble win over audiences with their energizing show & polished original arrangements...A must see this season.
— Mikey Junior, The Twisted Tail entertainment
The Downtown Shimmy hits all the grooves for dancers, from swingin’ along with “Mercy”, to the country tub-thumping “John Henry,” to gritty and slow with “I’m Through With You,” to tight and funky with “Leave That Damn Thing Alone.” This album highlights the musical chops of this band, their ability to move from one genre to the next and sound phenomenal in each one. You will be powerless to fall into the rhythm and move to the music, even if you’re sitting in an office chair.
— Andrew Smith, International Blues Dance Instructor